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1944 Covers & Postal History

Manchukuo Year 11 康德 Kāngdé


Registered Cover to Japan

This cover was posted on 21st July 1944 in Jiamusi. It carries the violet Chinese/Japanese handstamp reading "Registered" and a registration hand-stamp reading 佳木斯 Jiamusi 中央 Central Avenue 325. The letter is addressed to Shizuoka in Japan. The reverse side is blank.

The stamps used are 5f and 13f (China Mail) giving a total of 18f. Letter post to Japan is 6f, Registration 12f. There is no arrival postmark so the transit time is unknown.


3f + 3f Reply Card F.D.C.

This is a First Day Cover of the two part reply card issued on 10th August 1944. The card was postmarked by 新京中央 Hsinking Central P.O.
Manchukuo Philatelic Club "First Day" Covers
This cover was posted on 1st October 1944 making it a first day cover for the "Japan's prosperity means Manchuria's prosperity" often called the "Friendship" Issue. The 40f version of this stamp did not appear until 9th October 1944 meaning that you could not have a FDC with both stamps.

The cover shown above is part of a series of covers issued from the Central Post Office at Hsinking during 1944 and 1945 and all the stamps issued between those dates could be purchased in this way. This means that a total of 10 such covers can be collected, they were aimed at the philatelic market so mailed examples are very rare. Most examples I have seen are unsealed which would have meant that postal use was possible.

Domestic Registered "First Day" Cover
This cover is probably commercial with the philatelic FDC element incidental. It was posted in Hsinking and delivered locally.

The postage is correct, the letter rate being 10f and registration an extra 30f, this rate also started on 1st October 1944. If the cover had been posted a day earlier the total cost would have been 18f instead of 40f, a huge increase introduced as a result of the war.

The sender appears to have applied the boxed 掛號 Registered hand-stamp and a further hand-stamp with his address. The postmark is blurred but the registration number 新京中央 924 shows that the letter passed through Hsinking Central Post Office.  The reverse of the cover is blank.

Registered Cover to China
This decorated registered cover was posted on 1st November 1944 from Harbin to I. V. Svit in Changhai (Shanghai). The recipient was in fact the celebrated philatelic writer and collector John V Sweet using his original Ukrainian name.

The postmark is indistinct but the postage is correct for this date - Postage 10f + Registration 30f. There is a Shanghai arrival postmark on the reverse showing that the letter was delivered but the delivery date is not readable.