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Manchukuo Year 8 康德 Kāngdé

Postal Agreement with the Mongolian Federation

On 8th March 1941 Manchukuo and Mongolia signed a postal agreement to be implemented on 1st April 1941, this allowed for mail to be exchanged at the Chahar town of Kalgan or 張家口 Changchiakuo (Zhangjiakuo).

Special charges were agreed for parcel and airmail services on a shared cost basis each way. (Letters, postcards and other mail continued to be charged at the international rate).

Small Packets charged at 40f per Kilo, thereafter an additional 20f per kilo up to 10kg (Y2.20).

Airmail Letters cost 20f, Postcards 10f, Reply Cards 10f each way, Letter-sheets 10f.


Enforcement of the National Conscription Law

25 May 1941. This issue commemorates the enforcement of the National Conscription Law passed on 11th November 1940. Citizens of Manchukuo were drafted to serve as part of the Manchukuoan Army, primarily concerned with border security, prisoner of war duties and internal control.

The stamps were photogravure printed on un-watermarked white paper in sheets of 100 by the Japanese Government Printing Office, Tokyo. A presentation booklet exists for this issue (see below).  Any "specimen" stamps or sheets you may see for this issue are fakes.

Designs by Mr Yoai Ota. The stamps are 18mm x 21.5mm. Perf 13 x 13½ 

Two Values 2f and 4f, both feature an army recruit marching with a rifle.
Slogans are the same for both values reading "It is important to put the address on your gate to avoid delivery errors" see below.


                                            4,200,000                  4,000,000  


An imprint of 12 characters appears in the centre of the bottom margin of each sheet. This reads "Printed by the Great Nippon Empire Cabinet Printing Bureau"


Probable Essay
 4f Grey



Special Presentation Booklet


Cover Type A.                                            Cover Type B.


Contents of the Special Presentation Booklets.

Click Here to see Errors and Plate Varieties

Zirkle 56 - Issued 1st June 1941.
This example was issued in 新京 Hsinking.

國兵法實施紀念  "Military Selective Service Policy" Implementation Commemoration

This cancel was issued to help to publicise the National Conscription Law, it shows the Manchukuo Army Star and sheaves of Kaoling.