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1942 Covers & Postal History

Manchukuo Year 9 康德 Kāngd


Registered, Ki Kuang Stamp Co., Cover

This cover was sent on 8th May 1942 from the Yi Kuang Stamp Co in Hsinking to a customer in Peking, it arrived on 11th May, a transit time of 3 days. Both cancels are from Hsinking Central Post Office.

This letter had the correct postage of 18f - Letter rate 6f, Registration fee 12f. The special cancel only available on 8th May reads 歓迎中華民國汪主席 reads Welcome President Wang of the Republic of China.

Heiho to Japan Letter Rate Cover

This cover was posted from Heiho to 名古屋市 Nagoya, Japan on 24th March 1942. It features two blocks of four stamps to pay the basic letter rate of 6f.

Registered Mail to Japan
This cover was posted on 14th December 1942 from Mukden Main Square Post Office to Japan. The registration stamp 奉天廣場 110 appears below the registration slip. The registration slip shows that it arrived on 20th December.

The postage rate is correct, at this time the letter would have been charged at 6f + 12f for registration.

Late Mission Cover to Japan
Established in July 1928, the Catholic Diocese of Yenki still exists in China today but this is a fairly late cover from the Yenki Mission using this stationary (most examples are from the late 1930's, this is the latest I have seen). When the Communists seized control in 1950 all foreign missionaries returned home while the Chinese nuns were evacuated to Korea.

The cover was posted in Yenki on 23rd April 1942 to Tokyo in Japan. The stamp value of 6f is correct and reflects the basic letter rate to 20g.

First Day Cover with Unusual Cancel
This is a cover issued on 15th September 1942 and it has a cancel reading 慶祝建國十周年 Commemorating the Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Founding of the State.

The version of the cancel appearing on this cover is unlike any other, because the design of the cancel has been changed. It may be a hoax or it could be a locally made replacement for a lost or broken original. Whatever it is, it seems to come from 安 東 Antung (An Dong) and the face in the right hand arm of the cross seems to indicate a sense of humour.

Standard Rate Letter to Korea
Posted 20th December 1942 this letter from Manchukuo to Korea carries a 6f stamps. This is correct rate at this time for a letter with a weight up to 20g.
Underpaid Letter Card to Korea - Postage Due
This is a lettercard sent from Manchukuo to Korea dated 8th August 1942. The pre-paid postage on the lettercard is 4f, this was not the correct postage at this time as prices had increased on 1st March 1942 to 6f meaning that the item was underpaid by 2f. To deal with the shortfall the recipient had to pay postage due on arrival as shown by the attached slip. The charge of 4f is double the deficit as was normal practice for postage due items. To see this item complete click here.

Domestic Double Registered Express Cover



This cover was sent from 鷗浦 Ou-pu in the far North of Manchukuo to the provincial capital Heiho. The Ou-pu postmark shows that it was posted on 12th February 1942 and it has a registration label number 115 from the Ou-pu post office. Mail from this office is rare, this is the only example I have ever seen. The letter also has an Express hand-stamp .

The postage fee of 22f would indicate that this is an AR cover, this may have been shown on the registration slip but without it we can only assume. Letter rate 4f + Double Registration fee 12f + Express fee 6f = 22f. the value of the stamps.


Small Package Form - Manchukuo to Japan

From the postmark this form is dated 20th August 1942 and is for a registered parcel sent from 撫順 Fushun to Japan. It carries a blue 撫順029 registration number. The form has a box for sender and receiver and for a fee to be paid in postage stamps, in this case the stamps used amount to 60 fen.

The exact use of this form is still being researched but it is certain that few such items still exist today so it is a rarity.