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1945 Covers & Postal History

Manchukuo Year 12 康德 Kāngdé


Domestic Rate Cover



This is a domestic cover sent on 22nd February 1945 from Mukden. The destination is unknown as I am unable to read the address.

The 10f stamp is the correct domestic rate for a letter of 20g or less at this time. Late covers such as this are in short supply and sort after by collectors.


Postcard to Japan

This is a 5f rate postcard, this rate was used for cards sent after October 1944 and was the same for domestic cards and those sent to Japan. See the reverse here.

Manchukuo Philatelic Club "First Day" Covers



This is a rare 1945 First Day Cover. The date is correct, the 30f stamp shown was not issued until 15th February 1945. This is an official cover produced and sold by the Manchukuo Post Office. It is interesting to note that stamp collectors were still being supported even at the height of the war. This copy (as all do) comes from Hsinking Central Post Office.



This is the last stamp to have been issued in Manchukuo and commemorates the 10th Anniversary of the Emperors Edict with the message "One Virtue, One Spirit". As shown on the date-stamp from Hsinking Central Post Office, the date was 2nd May 1945. The reverse of this cover is identical to the one above.

Post War Mixed Currency Postcard

This is an interesting philatelic curiosity, a Japanese 5 sen postcard with stamps from both defeated countries Japan and Manchukuo. The dating indicates that the card is postmarked in Japan on 11th September 1945, nine days after the Japanese surrender.