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Official Postcards - Fourth Series

1936 Postal Agreement with Japan.

Issue Date 26th January 1936. This is a set of two postcards issued to commemorative the postal agreement with Japan. Prior to this the Postal arrangements between Manchukuo and Japan had to conform to the Sino-Japanese Postal Agreement of 1911.



Card 1,   Showing the Postal Ministers of both countries. 臣大部 通交 Minister of Communications Li, full name Li Shaogeng (李绍庚), and his Japanese counterpart Minister Mochizuki Keisuke (望月圭介).


Card 2.  This embossed card features the new Department of Communications building in Hsinking and a green post box. Why green? The Imperial Chinese Postal Service was started by Sir Robert Hart, an Irishman from Ulster. Being Irish he liked green and adopted this colour for Chinese post boxes, this tradition continued in Manchukuo.



Unissued Card

臣大部 通交丁 Minister of Communications Ding Jian-xiu (丁鑑修) and his Japanese counterpart Takejirō Tokonami (床次 竹二郎). Ding Jian-xiu was replaced and Takejirō Tokonami died in September 1935 while the card was in production.

During the preparation of this set both the communications ministers for Manchukuo and Japan changed. This meant that the inset images in the cards needed to change and the cards with incorrect images were withdrawn. Some found their way to collectors and appear infrequently for sale today.


(Wrapper image courtesy of Dick Bennett).