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Official Postcards - First Series

1933 The First Anniversary of the State of Manchukuo.

This is the first of a series of official sets of picture postcards to be sold from Post Offices, Postal Agencies and Postal counters in Manchukuo. The cards were issued in conjunction with commemorative stamps and cancels and all celebrate important events connected to the progress of the state.

Issued on 1st March 1933 this was initially designed as a set of three cards to celebrate the first anniversary of the state., A misunderstanding about the exact location of the border led to the set being reduced to only two cards.


Packet with the cover reading 建國一年記念 Commemorating the Founding Year Picture Cards.


Card 1 - This features the chief executive Henry Puyi (before his coronation as the Emperor Kang-Teh) together with a picture of his palace.


Card 2 - This shows a watercolour sketch of Manchukoan farmers transporting produce.


Card Reverse

Card 3. This is the card withdrawn from sale. As a consequence, the insert with details of the original three cards had to be removed and the price of the pack changed from 15f to 10f. Take a look at the reverse side of the packet (above, top right) an overprint is used to make the alteration. Copies of this card and the insert are rare, although copies can sometimes be found.

When the designer was instructed to produce a map of Manchukuo the plan had been to stop at the border of Jehol province, instead the Japanese army seized all of the land up to the Great Wall. This meant that the border shown on the above card is incorrect. By the time the error was noticed the cards had been sent to Post Offices and a very small number of copies had been sold.