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Official Picture Postcards - Third Series

1935 The First Visit by the Emperor Kang-teh to Japan.

Issued on 2nd April 1935 this is the an official set of two picture postcards issued as a memento of the historic first visit by the Emperor Kang-teh to Japan. A huge number of privately produced cards were also produced and sold to commemorate this event, both in Manchukuo and Japan.


Packet with the cover showing the flag of Manchukuo with the rising sun emblem of Japan, along with three auspicious clouds. The reverse shows that the packet of two picture postcards cost 15f.


Card 1 - This features the Emperor Kang-teh inset over a view of the China Sea. The sea he would have to cross to reach Japan.


Card 2 - This an embossed card showing the palace of the Emperor of Japan and the Cruiser Hiei, the ship used for the crossing..


Card Reverse

Japanese Cards

This set of two cards was widely available in Manchukuo although the card above has a Tokyo Cachet. 

Again this is an example with the authorised cancel and a privately produced cachet.