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Official Postcards - Second Series

1934 The Enthronement of the Emperor Kang-Teh.

Issue Date; 1st March 1934. This is a set of two official picture postcards made for sale at postal counters though-out Manchukuo. The set celebrates the enthronement of the first and only Emperor of Manchukuo Henry Puyi, who became the Emperor Kang-teh on the second anniversary of the founding of the state.

This set of two cards sold for 10f as is shown by the inscription on the reverse of the folder.




Card 1 - 1934 Postcard featuring Puyi at his coronation as the Emperor Kang-teh with the phoenix, a symbol of royalty in China and Japan.


Card 2. This card shows the sacred 長白山 Zhǎngbáishān (Mount Changbai) and the Heavenly Lake.


Card Reverse

Manchukuo Government In Exile Version
A copy of card 1 is being produced by a group claiming to be The Manchurian Government in Exile. I don't know how seriously these people take this idea but watch out for these when buying. The genuine card has a white border and logo (bottom right), the copy does not. It is also much larger.