1943 Manchukuo Red Cross Stamp Booklet

These booklets can be considered as a semi-official issue, they were prepared by the Red Cross and distributed to dignitaries attending the opening of the Central Hospital in Hsinking. The head of the Postal Department of Manchukuo at this time, Mr Takeo Yamashita, encouraged and assisted in the production of these booklets on behalf of the Red Cross.

The number of these booklets is unknown, but is probably quite large. They appear quite regularly in specialist auctions which suggests many hundreds may have been issued.


満洲國赤十字社創立五周年紀念 reads Commemorating the Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of the Manchoukuo Red Cross.




Cover showing the new hospital with symbol of the Manchukuo Red Cross above. This symbol, a red cross with orchids also appears on Manchukoan Red Cross medals. For more about Red Cross medals visit


Booklet Open

The booklet containes 80 x 6f stamps

Inside Front Cover (Translation provided by Richard Arent)

賛助員加盟並ニ有功章 Supporter participation medals for merit

 贈與手續ニ Presentation procedures 

1. (a) 終身正賛助員…..一時金二十五圓以上ヲ納又ハ分納金三十圓ヲ完納セル者 Lifetime Supporter……persons who make a onetime donation of more than 25 yen or donations in installments totaling 30 yen. 

※ 終身正賛助員章, 賛助員證明書, 締盟狀等ヲ交付ス Lifetime Supporter Medal, Supporter Certificate, and Membership Certificate etc. will be issued. 

(b) 正賛助員…..加盟ノ時金五圓以上ヲ得ㄨ爾後ハ三十圓ニ達スル迄分納ル者 Full Supporter….persons who when joining contribute more than five yen and thereafter donate in installments totaling at least thirty yen. 

※加盟ノ時..... 賛助員章, 賛助員證明書, 締盟狀等ヲ交付ス When participating…..Supporter Medal, Supporter Certificate, and Membership Certificate etc. will be issued

※完納ノ時..... 終身正賛助員章ノ採花ヲ交付ス When paid in full…. Lifetime Supporter Medal rosette will be issued

 2.  特別賛助員..... 一時金又ハ分納ニ金二百圓以上ヲ寄附理事長ノ推薦シタル者 Special supporter…..persons who make a onetime donation or installments of more than 200 yen and have the recommendation of the director

※特別賛助員章, 㒰證明書, 推薦書等ヲ交付ス Special Supporter Medal, all certificates, recommendation etc. will be issued

 3. 名譽賛助員..... 特別ノ功勞者ニシテ理事長ノ推薦ニ依リ國務總理大臣ノ認可ヲ得タル者Honorable supporter….. Special person of merit with the director’s recommendation will receive the approval of the Prime Minister 

有功章贈與手續ニ Procedures for presenting the Medal for Merit

 1. 社資トシテ壹仟圓以上寄附セル方ニ對 Those who contribute more than one thousand yen to the Society

理事長ノ推薦ニ依リ特別賛助員ニ推薦スルトニ有功章ヲ贈與章記等ヲ交付ス by recommendation of the  Director have a Special Supporter endorsement together with a medal for merit an award citation, etc. will be issued

Inside Back Page

This is a table of postal rates.