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The South Manchurian Railway Company

 Postcards Issued in 1934 at the time of the Enthronement of the Emperor Kang-teh.

The SMR issued 100's of different postcards to attract tourists to Manchukuo both from Japan and the West. These sets were clearly aimed at the Western market and may have been sold in America and Europe as well as in Manchukuo itself. The cards were printed in Japan by the Nissin Printing Company.


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Card 1 - Memorial Day (Original Card).

This card shows the Emperor Kang-teh, formerly Puyi and his Empress Wanrong. The map shows Manchukuo and the shipping routes to the USA. From Manchukuo to Kobe and then from Yokohama directly to Seattle or via Hawaii to Los Angeles. The position of Seattle is too low, so it looks like the ships are landing at Portland.

The card celebrates the Enthronement which took place on 1st March 1934. when the printers produced the card they printed 1933 by mistake. This meant that all the cards had to have a sticker with the correct date added before sale, you can see a slight change of colour in the above image. It was later corrected and re-printed without the sticker.

Card 1 - Memorial Day (Later re-print without the sticker).

Card 2 - The Throne of the Emperor of Manchukuo.

Card 3 - A Wharf in Manchukuo with many Junks (cargo boats).

Card 4 - A Manchukuo Carriage

Card 5 - The Garden of the Summer Palace in Jehol, Manchukuo

Reverse Side of the Above Cards.

Extra Postcards from 1934

The following set of cards was probably issued at the same time. This is based upon the similarity in the design both front and back. Like "Memorial Day" the edges of these cards are silvered. There is also another printing, in this instance the edge of the cards has a gold finish and the surface of the cards is textured.

Card 1 - Manchukuo Lady of Yesterday (right) and Today (left).

Card 2 - A Farmer in a Manchukuo Field, enjoying the sunset on his way home.

Card 3 - The Tomb of the first ruler of Manchukuo, built in the 16th Century at Mukden, Manchukuo.


Card 4 - Towers of  "Lama" versions 1 and 2.

Reverse Side of the Above Cards. There were two printings, the first has a printers details.