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Manchurian Local Overprints 1945 - 1947

Japanese Kerr 80.


Other Names
Ian I An Yi'an Wǒ ān  
  我 安


  (Heilungkiang)   Ian (Map)  

Map of 1945

  Yi an  
  f 3f  
  1y on f 1Y on 3f 1Y on 10f  
  40f 40f  
  1Y on 10f 5Y on 40f 5Y on 40f  

This is a hard blue/purple surcharge The top four characters read 中國郵政 Chinese Post, right Temporary Use, left the surcharge.

Kerr lists this under I An but states that it has been moved to Tai An. Chan still list these stamps as I An and from covers I have seen I An looks to be the most likely source. Unused copies are unknown and all copies are scarce.



This is a four soft black character overprint reading 中華民國 Chinese Republic. This is a complete set.


  This is a four character, soft violet overprint reading 郵政 Chinese Post. Kerr reports no un-postmarked stamps known for this overprint -, above is a complete set. Chan also shows a photograph of an unused stamp.  
  50f on f 1Y on 1f 2Y on 2f  
  The top four very soft violet characters read China, Temporary Use, below these is the surcharge. This is a complete set.  
  This is a very rare set, they were only known to Kerr on covers and he mistakenly lists them as surcharges. This is a four character, hard violet overprint reading 郵政 Chinese Post. This is a complete set.

 Examples of all stamps know for this town are shown above.


These stamps have been identified by using Volume II of the Stamp Catalogue of China by Shui-Hon Chan and the four booklet guide The Local Overprinted Stamps of Manchuria 1945-7 by Allen D Kerr (published 1978 and now out of print). Both works are essential for anyone delving seriously into this subject.

        D67, D359