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Manchurian Local Overprints 1945 - 1947

Japanese Kerr 11.


Other Names
Charainōru Cha Lai No Erh Jalai Nur Zh li nuěr



A coal mining town near Manchouli.

  (Heilungkiang)   Chalainoerh (Map)  
  Map of 1945      
5Y on 1f 5Y on 2f 5Y on 6f 5Y on 20f 5Y on 30f
  Hard red chop, complete set of 5 surcharges. A set of 6 similar overprints occur in purple (below).  

5Y on 1f 5Y on 2f 5Y on 4f 5Y on 6f 5Y on 20f
  5Y on 30f   5Y on 50f  

Hard purple chop, complete set of 7 surcharges.

The two sets above represent the complete output of this town.

These stamps have been identified by using Volume II of the Stamp Catalogue of China by Shui-Hon Chan and the four booklet guide The Local Overprinted Stamps of Manchuria 1945-7 by Allen D Kerr (published 1978 and now out of print). Both works are essential for anyone delving seriously into this subject.