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1944 Friendship Issue - Plate Varieties & Errors


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  Chinese Characters  

Imperf Pair 

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Plate Varieties and Errors


Normal                              Variety


Normal                             Variety   




a. Red Dot - Mentioned by Zirkle, A dot appears between the Chiao character () and the 1. This variety appears on stamp 3 of each sheet.


b. Broken Inner Frame - Mentioned by Zirkle, A small break occurs in the thinner line of the frame below the central orchid emblem. This variety appears on stamps 12 and 33 of each sheet.


Normal                              Variety


Normal                              Variety




c. Red Dot on Foot of One - Mentioned by Zirkle, Good eyesight is needed to detect this, a very small red dot appears on the base of the "1" on the left hand side. This variety appears on stamp 69 of each sheet.


d. Dots in Frame Line - Mentioned by Zirkle, Two dots bridge the white line between the thick outer line and the thin inner line, just above the "1". This variety appears on stamp 76 of each sheet.

Error scans supplied by Travis Searls


Variety (Top centre) - Blemish to top right border.
        This is a constant error which occurs in the 4th stamp from the left in the 5th row of some later sheets (ie; stamp 54). Not mentioned by Zirkle.

Mirror Offset
Error - Blocks of stamps with a perforation errors.  
Variety (Bottom right) - Rounded corners on border - stamp #45 of a sheet (see below).

Variety - Sloping top to the "4", it is generally thought to be from the final plate made for this series however I have been contacted by Mr Derren Carman who tells me that he has a sheet with this error and the rounded corner error above and it is numbered Plate 5. This he says, ends a 60 year mystery - bravo!  Note the sloping top "4" occurs on the Chinese version of the stamp.

Offsets have been seen of the 40f.


I have scanned a sheet of the 10f at 300dpi (1.7M file) to view please click here