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1943 Labour Service Laws Issue - Plate Varieties & Errors




Plate Varieties and Errors

Zirkle lists only three consistent plate varieties for this issue. All are very hard to detect and if you look closely any sheet has several characters that are slightly abnormal. There is a link to complete sheets at the bottom of the page so if you think you may have found another consistent plate variety you can check against these.

Mrs Zirkle was of the opinion two plates may have been in use for each value but was not able to confirm this.


Normal                              Variety


Normal                             Variety   




a. 3f broken line top right character - Mentioned by Zirkle, What Mrs Zirkle describes as the top horizontal line is the top line at 45 degrees. If you look closely you will see a small nick where this meets the vertical line. This variety appears on stamp 22 of each sheet.


b. 3f broken line bottom right character - Mentioned by Zirkle, the broken line in this case is the long nearly horizontal central line. The break is to the right of centre and is clearly visible. This variety appears on stamp 65 of each sheet.


Normal                              Variety


a. 6f nick in line top left - Mentioned by Zirkle, Hard to see but there is a small indentation in the long horizontal line in this character to the right of the upright central line. This variety appears on stamp 22 of each sheet.


I have scanned the sheets that I have at 250dpi (1.3M files). The above examples are all scanned at 600dpi.

Click here for the 3f sheet and here for the 6f.